Attending an Information Session

What is an Information Session?
The process of weight loss surgery is much more than just an operation – it is a journey that is comprised of many small steps. Each step brings you a little bit closer toward your ultimate goal – a healthy weight! As you are reading this information, you are taking the first step toward a healthy weight.

Many people are interested in finding out more about weight loss surgery, but are not quite ready to schedule a consultation. For these individuals, Mount Sinai offers a monthly information session. In these sessions, one of weight loss surgeons will provide a broad overview of weight loss surgery. In addition to a discussion of the different surgical options available, there will be an opportunity for you to ask questions about obesity treatments.

For a schedule of upcoming information sessions, please click here.

These are informal meetings and are designed to allow you to learn more about weight loss surgery in a comfortable, low-pressure setting. The sessions are free and open to the public. They are held on a monthly basis at the Icahn Building of Mount Sinai Medical Center, located at Madison Avenue and 98th Street in Manhattan. This meeting is specifically designed for individuals who have not yet had surgery. However, if you have already had weight loss surgery and would like to share your experiences with those who are learning more about it, you are certainly welcome to attend.

Please see the Information Session Schedule for directions and a listing of upcoming information sessions

If you have already had surgery and are looking for postoperative support groups, please click here.


Q. Will the doctor answer specific questions about my health, insurance approval, the best operation for me personally, etc.?

A. The doctor running the information session will do his or her best to answer any questions you may have. However, keep in mind that this is a group session, and that we will be answering questions that are of general interest to the group. If you have specific questions unique to your situation, or questions you would rather not ask in front of a group, these may be more appropriately addressed during your private consultation.

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